How to Increase Leads with SEO for Home Remodeling

Marketing your company to customers is one of the most important tasks a construction company can do. Online marketing is a must in today’s digital world.

A crucial part of any marketing plan for a home builder or construction business is to develop and nurture an organic SEO strategy. There is so much competition within the construction industry, especially in communities with strong loyalty to local businesses. It is essential to improve SEO to drive more traffic to your site and produce more qualified leads.

Local SEO for Home Builders

A Google My Business Account Can Be a Leverage

This tool is free and allows businesses to promote their business profile and website via Google Search and Maps. Google Reviews that include a location will help to boost your company’s reputation. Google algorithms decide rank based upon the credibility of reviews, which include the relevancy and distance to the location of the searcher. Google will reward you for responding to customer reviews by granting you SEO rankings.

Paid Ads

There are many other ways to increase your search engine optimization reach beyond the Google My Business platform. Google Ads are online ads that appear next to relevant search terms and other content on the internet. Youtube ads function in a similar way since Youtube is essentially a video search engine. Both can help expand your business’ reach, but it doesn’t improve your long-term organic SEO strategy.

Paid Ad Campaigns and Organic SEO: A Partnership for Optimized Results

To maximize your SEO reach, you can partner local SEO efforts with a paid campaign effort. It can take several months for SEO to start showing results. You can use paid ads like Google Ads, FB Ads, and Instagram Ads to get more immediate results. These ads will allow you to target your audience more effectively and make it easier for potential customers to reach you.

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